Twitch Unveils 60/40 Revenue Split in Expanded Plus Program

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Twitch has announced a significant update to its revenue-sharing model, revealing a new 60/40 split in favor of content creators in its expanded Twitch Plus program. This change marks a major shift in the platform's approach, aiming to provide creators with a more equitable share of

Twitch, the leading live streaming platform for gamers and creators, has announced a significant update to its Plus Program, introducing a new revenue split model of 60/40 in favor of content creators. This expansion marks a pivotal moment for Twitch and its community, offering creators greater incentives and rewards for their contributions. Here's a closer look at the implications of Twitch's latest announcement.

In a move aimed at bolstering support for content creators, Twitch has unveiled a revamped revenue split model as part of its expanded Plus Program. Under this new arrangement, creators will receive 60% of the revenue generated from subscriptions, while Twitch will retain the remaining 40%. This represents a departure from the previous 50/50 split and underscores Twitch's commitment to empowering its creator community.