5 Strongest Characters of "Baki the Grappler"

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Explore the intense world of Baki the Grappler with a detailed look at its characters, plot, streaming options, and more in this comprehensive guide.

"Baki the Grappler" is a seminal series in the martial arts genre of anime, known for its intense action and deep exploration of combat psychology and physical limits. This article explores the gripping world of Baki Hanma as he quests to surpass his father's formidable strength, providing an insider's look into the series' plot, key characters, availability, and more.

Plot Overview of "Baki the Grappler"


"Baki the Grappler" centers on Baki Hanma, a young fighter with an extraordinary desire to exceed the prowess of his father, Yujiro Hanma, the strongest fighter in the world. The anime follows Baki's journey through grueling training and fierce battles as he competes in no-holds-barred tournaments and faces opponents each more challenging than the last. His ultimate goal is not just to win fights but to become strong enough to surpass his father and understand the true essence of strength.

Strongest Characters in "Baki the Grappler"


Yujiro Hanma


It wouldn't be accurate to simply call Yujiro a martial artist; he is a man who seeks "strength" above all else. Endowed with the formidable Hanma bloodline and an innate propensity for combat, Yujiro stands as the undisputed strongest character in the series. Unlike Pickle, who lacks technique, Yujiro combines raw power reminiscent of, or perhaps even surpassing, prehistoric humans with unparalleled martial arts technique and knowledge. His immense strength is such that the United States forms alliances and pledges non-aggression with him with each new Presidential term.
The climactic battle between Yujiro and his son Baki is steeped in controversy. In an unprecedented move, Yujiro acknowledges Baki as "the strongest" after Baki achieves the unimaginable—getting Yujiro to cook for him. However, Yujiro was the last man standing after the fight, and even Baki himself does not fully accept this as a victory. Given his overwhelming superiority over every other character in the series, there is no question that Yujiro Hanma holds the title of the strongest character in "Baki."



Pickle, a prehistoric human from the Cretaceous period, was astonishingly discovered perfectly preserved in a salt rock formation and subsequently revived by modern scientists. His existence is a testament to a bygone era, as Pickle once hunted and consumed dinosaurs, including the formidable T-Rex. His physique is a stark contrast to that of modern humans, having been honed to tackle and overcome monstrous creatures. Understandably, contemporary fighters are eager to measure their skills against Pickle’s ancient prowess.
Pickle's primary strength lies in his extraordinary physical capabilities, unmatched by any of his modern adversaries. His body, which once endured the crushing tail of a Brachiosaurus and the deadly bite of a T-Rex, proved impervious to the best attacks from fighters like Retsu and Katsumi, barely registering their blows. Baki presented a greater challenge with his exceptional speed and precision, managing to jolt Pickle's brain and cause a concussion. Despite this, Baki was ultimately defeated. Remarkably, during the peak of their battle, Pickle demonstrated a martial arts technique, suggesting that with formal combat training, he could become truly invincible.

Baki Hanma


Baki, the series' protagonist, has experienced the most significant growth throughout the story, climbing to the heights of the martial arts world. Initially driven by the desire to avenge his mother, who was killed by his father Yujiro, Baki eventually comes to accept his father for who he is. His journey in martial arts not only makes him stronger but also wiser and more centered. Through relentless daily training and grueling battles, Baki has absorbed numerous styles and ultimately forged his own, which prioritizes speed and precision. Additionally, he benefits from the inherent strength of his Hanma bloodline.
Baki showcases some of the most inventive and stunning techniques in the series, such as his Cockroach Dash, which enables him to move as fast as a bullet train. His creativity extends to his training methods as well, often visualizing formidable opponents for shadow boxing. This imaginative approach also manifests in his combat techniques, like the Triceratops Fist. Despite these capabilities, Baki was defeated by Pickle. It could be argued that in their final confrontation, Baki recklessly chose to engage Pickle directly, abandoning his strategic superiority. Moreover, the fact that Pickle only needed to replicate a single technique to overpower Baki highlights the stark disparity in their combat prowess.

Biscuit Oliva


Assessing the true strength of Mr. Oliva, also known as "Unchained," is challenging due to his unique fighting style and the fact that he has not confronted most of the characters on this list. Despite this, his formidable power has earned the respect of Yujiro Hanma and garnered special attention from the U.S. government, which keeps a vigilant eye on him. Oliva's primary attribute is his superhuman strength—capable of sending opponents through concrete walls with his punches. His muscles can harden to the consistency of steel, making them impervious to bullets and blades.
Yet, Oliva is more than just brute force. He possesses a sharp intellect and considerable technical skill, as demonstrated when he managed to throw Shibukawa in a Judo match, despite Shibukawa dislocating his wrist in the process. Nonetheless, Oliva’s greatest vulnerability might be his deep vanity for his muscular physique and his overconfidence in his own strength. This was evident when he lost a direct punching match to Baki. Furthermore, in terms of sheer power, Oliva would likely fall short against both Pickle and Yujiro, underscoring the limits of his strength when matched against the top contenders of the series.

Jack Hanma


Jack, often seen as a dark mirror of his half-brother Baki, has an all-consuming obsession to surpass their father, Yujiro. His relentless pursuit of strength has led him to extreme measures, including drug use and painful bone-lengthening surgeries. What distinctly sets Jack apart from other fighters is his lack of moral constraints or ethical dilemmas. This singular focus on power might make him the most "pure" character in terms of motivation within the series. His preferred technique of biting encapsulates this raw, unbridled approach to combat.
Jack's formidable strength was on full display during the Maximum Tournament, where he advanced to the finals by overpowering a master like Shibukawa. His enhanced physicality, a result of rigorous drug regimens, surgeries, and intense training, combined with the natural combat instinct characteristic of the Hanma lineage—as demonstrated when he effortlessly mimicked Aiki—make him a fearsome competitor. Despite these advantages, Jack's limitations became evident in his defeats to both Baki and Pickle. These losses underscore a definitive boundary to his capabilities, revealing a glass ceiling in his quest for ultimate strength that he has yet to surpass.

Series Seasons and Release Timeline of "Baki the Grappler"


"Baki the Grappler" originally aired in two seasons from 2001 to 2007. The first season, which introduces Baki and his initial challenges, includes 24 episodes. The second season, titled "Grappler Baki: Maximum Tournament," also consists of 24 episodes and follows Baki as he participates in a large-scale martial arts tournament, further testing his skills and resolve.

Streaming Availability of "Baki the Grappler"


"Baki the Grappler" is available for streaming on multiple platforms. Here are some pointers on where to watch Baki the Grappler.
  • Netflix: Streams the newer series adaptations, including the 2018 continuation that picks up where the original left off.


  • Crunchyroll: Provides access to the original episodes depending on regional availability.


  • Funimation: Offers the series in both subtitled and dubbed formats, catering to a diverse audience.
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"Baki the Grappler" not only thrills with its high-octane fights but also delves into what it means to be a warrior in search of surpassing limits. Whether you're new to the series or revisiting it, "Baki the Grappler" offers a rich and compelling narrative that continues to captivate fans around the world.