Master Yi or Yone: Choosing the Ideal Jungle Champion for Ranked Play in Patch 14.13

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League of Legends offers a strategic and competitive multiplayer experience where players master champions, coordinate team tactics, and battle for supremacy on the Summoner's Rift.

In the world of League of Legends, understanding the background stories and gameplay intricacies of champions like Yone and Master Yi can greatly enhance your strategic prowess on the Rift. Let's delve into their roles, gameplay nuances in patch 14.13, and strategic recommendations.

Background Stories
Yone, once a proud warrior of Ionia, tragically fell in battle against his brother Yasuo. However, he returned from the spirit realm, wielding a supernatural blade, seeking redemption and balance. Yone's lore is steeped in themes of honor, redemption, and the consequences of choices made in the pursuit of justice.

Master Yi, known as the Wuju Bladesman, hails from the mystical land of Ionia. He embodies discipline and skill, mastering the art of Wuju to become an unparalleled swordsman. Yi's journey revolves around self-discovery and his commitment to maintaining harmony in a chaotic world.

Gameplay and Roles
Yone is primarily played as a mid-lane assassin or bruiser. His kit revolves around swift, decisive strikes and supernatural abilities that synergize well in skirmishes and team fights. In patch 14.13, Yone excels in bursting down key targets with his combination of mobility and high burst damage potential.

Master Yi, on the other hand, thrives in the jungle as a melee carry. His kit emphasizes sustained damage output and survivability through Alpha Strike's resets and Meditate's damage reduction. In patch 14.13, Master Yi remains a potent threat in the late game, capable of single-handedly turning team fights with well-timed engages and resets.

Skills and Skill Order
Yone's skills are:

Way of the Hunter (Passive): Grants bonus critical strike chance and causes his basic attacks to deal bonus magic damage.
Mortal Steel (Q): Yone slashes forward, dealing physical damage to enemies hit. When empowered, it deals bonus damage and knocks up enemies.
Spirit Cleave (W): Yone cleaves forward in a cone, dealing magic damage and healing himself based on the number of champions hit.
Soul Unbound (E): Yone separates his spirit from his body, gaining movement speed and leaving a spirit behind. He can reactivate the ability to teleport to the spirit and deal bonus damage based on the enemy's missing health.
Fate Sealed (R): Yone strikes all enemies in a line, dealing physical damage and marking champions hit. After a delay, the marked targets are pulled towards Yone and are dealt additional damage.
Master Yi's skills are:

Double Strike (Passive): Master Yi's every fourth consecutive basic attack strikes twice.
Alpha Strike (Q): Master Yi becomes untargetable and strikes up to four enemies, dealing physical damage and potentially resetting its cooldown.
Meditate (W): Master Yi channels, restoring health per second and gaining increased damage reduction.
Wuju Style (E): Passive: Master Yi gains bonus true damage on hit. Active: Master Yi's basic attacks deal bonus true damage for a few seconds.
Highlander (R): Master Yi gains increased movement and attack speed, becomes immune to slows, and reduces the cooldown of his basic abilities with each basic attack. Kills and assists extend the duration of Highlander.
Rune Builds and Itemization
Yone benefits from runes that enhance his burst potential and survivability:

Precision: Conqueror provides sustained damage in extended fights. Triumph offers survivability, while Legend: Alacrity boosts attack speed. Coup de Grace amplifies damage against low-health targets.
Domination: Taste of Blood and Ravenous Hunter provide sustain in lane and team fights.
Master Yi favors runes that complement his scaling and skirmishing capabilities:

Precision: Press the Attack amplifies his damage output. Triumph and Legend: Alacrity increases his survivability and attack speed. Last Stand boosts damage when low on health.
Domination: Sudden Impact enhances his burst damage after Alpha Strike engages.
Early, Mid, and Late Game Strategies
Yone excels in the early game by farming safely and trading efficiently with Mortal Steel. In the mid-game, he transitions into a potent roamer, looking for opportunities to engage with Soul Unbound's mobility. Late game, Yone focuses on flanking and diving into key targets with Fate Sealed.

Master Yi starts in the jungle, clearing camps with Alpha Strike and sustaining health with Meditate. By mid-game, he aims to secure objectives and split push effectively with Wuju Style's true damage. Late game, Master Yi becomes a hypercarry, focusing on team fights and securing kills with Highlander's resets.

Recommended Team Compositions
Yone fits well in team compositions that require burst damage and disruption:

Engage Composition: Pair Yone with champions like Malphite or Leona to initiate fights and capitalize on Yone's burst potential.
Scaling Composition: Yone synergizes with late-game carries like Jinx or Kassadin, ensuring a strong presence in team fights as the game progresses.
Master Yi thrives in compositions that support his scaling and dueling prowess:

Dueling Composition: Combine Master Yi with split pushers like Fiora or Tryndamere to pressure multiple lanes and force the enemy team to respond.
Protect the Carry Composition: Pair Master Yi with peel-oriented supports like Lulu or Janna to enhance his survivability and maximize his damage output in team fights.

Advantages and Recommendations
Master Yi is often preferred for his ability to single-handedly carry games in the late game due to his scaling with items and resets from Highlander. His mobility and sustained damage make him a formidable threat, especially in lower Elo brackets where games tend to extend.

When facing Ornn in the top lane in League of Legends, understanding the nuanced strategies of Yone and Master Yi across different phases of the game is crucial for success. Let's delve into their early, mid, and late-game approaches against Ornn, and their specific tactics in team fights, tailored to various opposing champions.

Early Game
Yone in the early game against Ornn focuses on farming safely and trading efficiently with Mortal Steel (Q). He should avoid extended trades due to Ornn's sustained damage and crowd control from abilities like Bellows Breath (W). Yone should look to capitalize on Ornn's cooldowns, using Spirit Cleave (W) to sustain and poke while avoiding Ornn's engage potential. Warding and map awareness are crucial to prevent jungle ganks.

Master Yi typically starts in the jungle but may face Ornn in top lane matchups. Early game, Yi should prioritize farming and looking for opportunities to gank other lanes rather than directly engaging with Ornn. If forced to lane against Ornn, Yi should use Alpha Strike (Q) to farm safely from a distance, avoiding prolonged engagements due to Ornn's crowd control and damage output.

Mid Game
Yone transitions into the mid-game with items that enhance his burst damage, such as Kraken Slayer or Galeforce. Against Ornn, Yone should look to split push in a side lane or roam to other lanes to secure kills with Soul Unbound (E). In team fights, Yone's Fate Sealed (R) can disrupt Ornn's positioning and catch out vulnerable targets, prioritizing Ornn's backline and squishier champions.

Master Yi aims to complete core items like Kraken Slayer or Immortal Shieldbow by mid-game. Against Ornn, Yi should focus on objectives like Dragon or Rift Herald to accelerate his team's gold advantage. In team fights, Yi should flank or dive onto Ornn's backline with Highlander (R), utilizing Alpha Strike resets to maximize damage and survivability.

Late Game
Yone scales into the late game with items like Infinity Edge and Guardian Angel, enhancing his survivability and burst potential. Against Ornn, Yone should coordinate with his team to engage in team fights around objectives like Baron or Elder Dragon, using Spirit Cleave (W) to sustain and Soul Unbound (E) to initiate or follow up engages.

Master Yi becomes a potent split pusher or team fighter in the late game with items like Blade of the Ruined King and Guardian Angel. Against Ornn, Yi should split push in a side lane to pressure towers, forcing Ornn to respond or risk losing objectives. In team fights, Yi should wait for Ornn to engage before diving onto the enemy carries with Highlander (R), focusing on securing kills and objectives.

Team Fight Tactics
Against different champions, Yone and Master Yi adjust their team fight tactics accordingly:

Engaging Champions (e.g., Malphite): Yone should wait for engages to counter-engage with Fate Sealed (R), disrupting the enemy backline. Master Yi should flank or dive onto the enemy carries after engage cooldowns are used, using Alpha Strike (Q) resets to maximize damage. However, when some players explore further and become familiar with a certain hero, some players will choose to buy League of Legends skins

Poke Champions (e.g., Xerath): Yone should engage quickly with Fate Sealed (R) to prevent poke damage, focusing on burst damage to eliminate squishy targets. Master Yi should avoid poke and engage with Highlander (R) to quickly eliminate high-priority targets.

In conclusion, mastering Yone and Master Yi's gameplay against Ornn requires understanding their unique strengths and adapting strategies across different game phases. Yone excels in burst damage and disruption, while Master Yi thrives on sustained damage and objective control. By leveraging their abilities and itemization effectively, players can optimize their performance against Ornn and other opponents, securing victories through precise execution and strategic gameplay.