Privacy Policy - Messenger

Updated on 12thJuly 2020.

Welcome the InstaConnect Messenger(‘Platform’). We at InstaConnect (“InstaConnect’”,“we”or “us”) provide messaging, Internet calling, and otherservices our users. We respect your privacy and want you tounderstand how we collect, use, and share personal information aboutyou. If you do not agree with this policy, you should not use thePlatform.

InstaConnect reserves the right, atits discretion, to change, modify, add, or remove portions of thisPolicy at any time. InstaConnect recommends that you review thisPolicy from time to time to ensure that you are aware of the currentprivacy policy.

Please also read ourTermsof Service(“Terms”), which describes the terms underwhich you use our Services.

What information do we collect about you?

InstaConnect receives or collectsinformation through its Services when you install, access, or use ourPlatform Services.

Information You Provide

  • Account Information.

When youregister and create an account with us you provide your mobile phonenumber to create a InstaConnect account. You provide us the phonenumbers of other users from your phone contact list, including thoseof both the exiting users of our Platform Services and othersin your contacts. You confirm you are authorized to provide us suchnumbers. You may also add other information to your personal account,such as a profile name, profile picture, and status message.

  • Your Messages (including your chats, photos, videos, voice messages, files, and location share information).

None of themessages that you share with other users are stored in our servers oraccessed by us in any way. The videos and image formats shared areencrypted end to end so that they cannot be accessed by any thirdparty.

  • Your Connections.

Our Platformenables you to create and join groups from your list of mobile phonecontacts. This is to help you organize your contact list for the easeof communication. The details of such groups are part of your accountinformation.

  • Customer Support.

You may request forcustomer support when facing issues and reporting problems whileusing our Platform Services. To provide us with thatinformation you may have to share excerpt of your messages andcontact details to our support team.

Automatically Collected Information

  • Usage and Log Information.

To improve thequality of our Services we automatically collect, diagnostic, andperformance information. This includes information about youractivity (such as how you use our Services, how you interact withothers using our Services), log files, and diagnostics, crash andother reports.

  • Device and Connection Information.

We collectdevice-specific information when you install, access, or use ourPlatform Services in your mobile device. This includesinformation such as hardware model, operating system information, IPaddress, and device identifiers. We collect device locationinformation if you use our location features, such as when you chooseto share your location with your contacts, view locations nearby orthose others have shared with you, discover users who are nearby, andthe like.

  • Cookies.

We and ourservice providers use Cookies and other similar technologies (e.g.,web beacons, flash cookies, etc.), to automatically collectinformation, measure and analyse how you use our Platform. This helpsus to enhance your experience of using the Platform, improve ourservices. Cookies are small files which, when placed on your device,enable the Platform to provide certain features and functionality. Byusing the Platform, you consent to our use of Cookies.

Third-Party Information

  • Information Provided by Other Users.

We receiveinformation other users provide us, which may include informationabout you. For example, when other users you know use our Services,they may provide your phone number from their mobile contacts, orthey may send you a message, send messages to groups to which youbelong, or call you.

  • Third-Party Service Providers.

We use the servicesof third party providers for the operation and improvement of ourPlatform Services, to receive analytical information andunderstand user behaviour, which will help us to provide you a betteruser experience when using our Services, and to market our Services.For example, we work with cloud service providers who provide us thestorage infrastructure to host the Services. These providersmay provide us information about you in the certain contexts.

While using ourPlatform Services you use may third party Services and visitthird-party sites and applications. We may receive information fromsuch providers about your use of their Services. Please note your useof third party Services will be governed by their respective Terms Privacy policies.

How do we use the information about you?

The information that we collect fromyou aid us in improving our Services, provide you a better userexperience and understand your use of our Platform Servicebetter, to provide customized Service to you, and to market ourServices.

  • Our Services.

We use yourinformation to provide the Platform Services to you and tooperate and improve it, provide you customer support, fixing issuesand customizing our Services. We use your information to understandhow people use our Services, analyse, and evaluate ways to improveour Services, research, develop, and test new services and features,and conduct troubleshooting activities. The contact details youprovide to us are used when responding to your queries submitted tous.

  • Safety and Security.

We verifyaccounts and activity and promote safety and security on and off ourServices, such as by investigating suspicious activity or violationsof our Terms, and to ensure our Services are being used legally.

  • Communications About Our Services

We communicatewith you about our Services and features and let you know about ourterms and policies and other important updates.

Who do we share your information with?

You share your information as youuse and communicate through our Platform Services. The sameinformation aid us in improving our Services, provide you a betteruser experience and understand your use of our Platform Servicebetter, to provide customized Service to you, and to market ourServices

  • Account Information.

Your phonenumber, profile name and photo, online status, and status message,and receipts may be available to anyone who uses our Services. Thereare however options in our Services to configure and manage certaininformation that will be visible to other users.

  • Your Contacts and Other Users.

The messagesthat you share with other users of our Services may be reshared bythem to others within or outside of our Platform Services. Thismay also include your profile information with phone number. You canuse your Services settings and use the Block User feature in ourServices to manage your communication with other users and theinformation you share.

  • Third-Party Service Providers.

We use the servicesof third party providers for the operation and improvement of ourPlatform Services, to receive analytical information andunderstand user behaviour, which will help us to provide you a betteruser experience when using our Services, and to market our Services.The information we share with third party service providers aremandated to be used in accordance with our instruction and terms orwith express permission from you.

Third partyservices integrated with our Platform Services like cloudstorage service provider, third party login services like Facebook orGoogle may receive information about you through our interaction withtheir services. Please note your use of third party Services will begoverned by their respective Terms Privacy policies.

How do you manage your Information?

InstaConnect lets you control yourPrivacy, change your Settings and Profile information.

  • Services Settings.

You can changeyour Services settings to manage certain information that isavailable to other users. You can manage your contacts, groups, andlists. You can also block users with whom you do not wish tocommunicate.

  • Changing Your Profile Name and Picture, and Status Message.

You can alsochange your profile name, profile picture, and status message at anytime.

  • Deleting Your Account.

InstaConnectlets you delete your account at any time using the delete my accountfeature in the application. Your account is deleted we are no longercommitted to provide you our Services and any undelivered message toyour recipients will not be delivered and will be deleted from ourservers. Uninstalling our application from your mobile device willnot ensure removal of your information from our systems. Pleaseremember that when you delete your account, it does not affect theinformation other users have relating to you, such as their copy ofthe messages you sent them and your profile information.

Law and Protection

We may collect, use, preserve, andshare your information if we believe that it is reasonably necessaryto: (a) respond pursuant to applicable law or regulations, to legalprocess, or to government requests; (b) enforce our Terms and anyother applicable terms and policies, including for investigations ofpotential violations; (c) detect, investigate, prevent, and addressfraud and other illegal activity, security, or technical issues; or(d) protect the rights, property, and safety of our users,InstaConnect, , or others.


In the event that you wish to make acomplaint about how we process your personal data, contact thegrievance redressal officer at the contact details given below.Wewill endeavour to deal with your request as soon as possible. This iswithout prejudice to your right to launch a claim with the relevantdata protection authority.

Name of the Grievance RedressalOfficer:Indrajit Mukhopadhyay

Contact information:

Indrajit Mukhopadhyay

Phone : +91 8072069249

Email :


InstaConnect will review and update this Privacy Policy periodicallyand will note the date of its most recent update above. If we makematerial changes to this Privacy Policy, we will notify you in thePlatform. We also encourage you to review this Privacy Policyfrequently and be informed of how InstaConnect is using your personalinformation.

The latest revised version of thePrivacy Policy will be taken into consideration over all previousPrivacy Policies. In case of any doubt or concern please contact usat

When contacting our support team,please ensure the following details are shared: your full name,address, phone number, and email address, and indicate the specificnature of your request, inquiry, or concern. If you do not agree tothe updated policy, you must stop accessing or using the Platform.


If you have questions, comments, orrequests regarding this policy, contact us